Mister Saltman....more than a name!

I started the Mr. Saltman brand and company as an exclusive distributor of the original, delicious Bonaire Sea Salt. A pure, authentic product, which is made for over 400 years on one of the most beautiful islands of the Dutch Caribbean ... Bonaire!

As the company grew, I kept listen to my clients everyday! These wonderful customers, were searching and asking me, not only for more variety with the self designed salt products and mills..., but also for different products and more choices for the kitchen and dining table. Great questions! In this new website you'll find, not only nice exclusive kitchen and dinner products, also 'handy', friendly priced everyday tools for your cooking 'area'! Finally, I added some of my favorite products.... gifts and specials! The nice thing is, for some items you are allowed to create your own design! What do you say? Yes, great ideas for yourself, friends and family!

Our Most Popular Products

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